Ukrainian Problems


More than a month ago we informed You about the list chances of the Polish National Team for the 2010 World Championships. Unfortunately, our 2012 Euro partners lost their chances for the taking part in the upcoming Championships within the doubleheader against Greece.

Despite the fierce output by the visiting side, the first match, which took place on the Athenian stadium ended in a goalless draw, and it were the hosts that could enjoy the fact of their unexpected promotion. Luckily, as the Euro 2012 host countries, we have guaranteed spaces within the aforementioned event and we do not have to fear another defeat. We may concentrate on the preparations considering the sports and the logistic side of the whole undertaking. 

On the other hand Ukraine possess substantial infrastructure related problems The Euro 2012 host countries are to include Kharkov. The official city council website has informed that the Ukrainian government has withdrawn its financial backing for Kharkov and at the same time Euro 2012 preparations may be significantly delayed. “The capital provided by the city and by the investors is not enough” – said Michał Dobkin the mayor of Kharkov. Earlier, the information with regard to the financial problems was provided by the governor of the Lvov District, Mykoła Kmit.

The Statistical Office of Kharkov informed that the financing of Euro 2012 preparations has been subject to the three times fold decrease in comparison with the previous year. In the case of the aforementioned city as well as Donetsk the portion of the investment has been financed by the local oligarchs. On the other hand, the Lvov stadium, which shall be opened on the 5th of December is financed by the state.
Ukraine is waiting for the reaction of the UEFA, since a decision whether, Euro 2012 will take place within the four selected cities (Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk and Lvov) and whether the final match will be held by the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, is to be made somewhere about the middle of the month of December. Our partners have to make up all of the drawbacks until the end of November.
source: http://www.euro2012-pl



Project "Euro 2012" is addressed to participants, visitors and football fans coming to the European Football Championship, which will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine in the summer 2012.

Apart from logistical support (accommodation, travel, stay) the participants will need practical language guide and cultural information package, helping them to participate in Euro 2012 and move in hosting countries without communicative barriers.

The aim of the project will be to develop comprehensive didactic materials related to Polish and Ukrainian languages and culture: on-line language courses and practical information guide tending to present their specific features.

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