EURO 2012

Is Poland ready for Euro?

Kołobrzeg, Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Bydgoszcz and other Polish cities will host the international football staff during European Football Championships in 2012. Everyone is working hard to meet the expectations and promote Poland.

Euro 2012 guide

Euro 2012 in a nutshell – where can you find interesting and useful information about Euro 2012. Everything that a football fan should know about Euro in Poland and Ukraine can be found on this website ( as well as on the following ones.

Ready for Euro 2012 – step forward!

Over 7 thousands policemen, firemen and customs officers are learning English. Why? Because during Euro 2012 they all should be able to communicate with football fans from the old continent.

Meet the Euro 2012 host countries

Poland is situated in the middle of Europe. It borders with Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. Many foreigners think of Poland as a poor communist country, where polar bears walk in the street. Many people identify Poland with Russia and Polish language is often considered a dialect of Russian (or vice-versa). Most Europeans asked about Poland think of Wałęsa or John Paul II. Whereas Poles have much more to offer to the Europeans.

All roads lead to Euro

The real challenge for the hosts of Euro 2012 is not only the construction of stadiums, but mainly transportation and logistics.



Project "Euro 2012" is addressed to participants, visitors and football fans coming to the European Football Championship, which will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine in the summer 2012.

Apart from logistical support (accommodation, travel, stay) the participants will need practical language guide and cultural information package, helping them to participate in Euro 2012 and move in hosting countries without communicative barriers.

The aim of the project will be to develop comprehensive didactic materials related to Polish and Ukrainian languages and culture: on-line language courses and practical information guide tending to present their specific features.

EURO 2012