EURO 2012

Platini makes haste


The UEFA President has appealed to Grzegorz Lato and Hryhorij Surkis for acceleration of works. – You need to do everything  you can to finish on time – Platini has said in front of the delegates of the 53 UEFA federations.

There are 27 months left to the tournament. The Football Federation is afraid of delays and puts pressure on Polish and Ukrainian authorities to keep the right direction, especially in the last phase.

- I believe in you – emphasized the President of UEFA – And not only I do, but the whole football family. In June 2012 the whole football world will look at you – he added – keep stepping on the gas.

Meanwhile, the members of the Lviv city council have decided to hand over the stadium built for Euro 2012 to the state, after the Ukrainian government has declared that it may fund the whole investment. The President of UEFA admitted that the conditions during the coming Euro 2012 may differ from those previously assumed. The economic crisis and severe winter have delayed the development of infrastructure as well as the construction of  sports halls.

In  the end Platini has emphasized that the citizens of Poland and Ukraine are proud that they will entertain the fans from all over the Old Continent.



Project "Euro 2012" is addressed to participants, visitors and football fans coming to the European Football Championship, which will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine in the summer 2012.

Apart from logistical support (accommodation, travel, stay) the participants will need practical language guide and cultural information package, helping them to participate in Euro 2012 and move in hosting countries without communicative barriers.

The aim of the project will be to develop comprehensive didactic materials related to Polish and Ukrainian languages and culture: on-line language courses and practical information guide tending to present their specific features.

EURO 2012