EURO 2012

Yanukovych guarantying the Euro


- It is a Ukrainian point of honour – the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has said to Michel Platini. Yanukovych has promised that he will personally supervise the preparatory work before the European Championships.

Talking to the President of UEFA, the Ukrainian President has declared the full readiness and engagement of Ukraine in the preparatory works before the Euro. The Ukrinform News Agency quotes Yanukovitch: - I understand that fulfilling such an important function is not easy. Therefore I am ready to do all my best to prevent any problems in your cooperation with Ukraine. It is my duty to do everything for Ukraine to come off worthily.

President Yanukovitch has guaranteed his personal supervision of the Ukrainian preparations to the championships. – I had been criticising the activities of the former government, not because I represented the oposition, but because I could not stand watching how we were waisting our time. That is why, as a former sportsman, I think we should turn on the highest gear and run in a full swing.

Shortly after the meeting Michel Platini has made a speech in which he has set our partners the term of two months to make up for all the delays. The President of UEFA has not precised the tasks to be performed by the Ukrainians. At the same time he has emphasized that this is not an ultimatum.



Project "Euro 2012" is addressed to participants, visitors and football fans coming to the European Football Championship, which will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine in the summer 2012.

Apart from logistical support (accommodation, travel, stay) the participants will need practical language guide and cultural information package, helping them to participate in Euro 2012 and move in hosting countries without communicative barriers.

The aim of the project will be to develop comprehensive didactic materials related to Polish and Ukrainian languages and culture: on-line language courses and practical information guide tending to present their specific features.

EURO 2012